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BEHAVIOR ANALYTICS is the Process to Convert Visitors to Buyers using Time & Location Analytics, KPI Frameworks, and In-Store Path to Purchase - Join #1 PROFIT & Conversion Optimization (CRO) Academy for Physical Retail

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In 2018, the #1 priority for retailers is personalization in physical stores. To quantify customers and staff activities, we use time and location analytics. With people tracking technologies, we can unlock the black box of Conversion Optimization in Physical Retail.

Let me offer 5 Insights:

  • The most analytical retailers go beyond data and focus on WHY… They seek user experience, design, psychology, and other methods from behavior science
  • The most successful retailers focus on CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT … They continuously measure customer behaviors and monitor product positioning
  • The most profitable retailers devise CALL TO ACTION CONVERSIONS…. They identify steps in the customer journey and narrow what they want customers to do
  • The fast-growth retailers obsess about FRICTION POINTS…. They design stores and processes with the goal of preventing abandons
  • The long-lasting retailers have GROWTH MINDSET… They always researching, testing, and learning about new technologies, processes, and ideas